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Garristown, Ireland
21-22 October 2023
Two days of Taijutsu & Bukiwaza training with Ulf Evenås Shihan
The second visit of Ulf Evenas Shihan to Ireland was a resounding success. A weekend-long seminar was held in Garristown, Dublin county, which was attended by Aikido students from various parts of Europe, including France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, and England. Ulf sensei's clear and methodical explanations of the key points of Takemusu Aikido proved to be an invaluable learning experience for all levels of experience. From beginners to instructors, everyone found something interesting to learn and improve upon. Beginners learned the forms, while more advanced practitioners gained deep insights into the techniques. The seminar was a great opportunity for Aikido practitioners to come together, learn from each other, and deepen their knowledge and skills.
Laytown, Co.Meath
13 August 2023
Bukiwaza workshop with Raman Bekarevich Sensei
About teacher:

Raman Bekarevich sensei (3rd dan Aikikai), the leader of Takemusu Aikido Society, is the direct student of Hiroki Nemoto Shihan who is one of the most prominent students of Morihiro Saito Shihan. This time Raman Bekarevich sensei focused on bukiwaza (weapon techniques), a widely underestimated but essential part of the Aikido curriculum. Aiki-Ken, Aiki-Jo and Ken-Tai-Jo techniques were explored at the seminar.

Phibblestown, Dublin
10 December 2022
One-day seminar with Ulf Evenås shihan
The Takemusu Aikido Seminar at Phibblestown Community Centre was a great success. People from all parts of Ireland, France, and the UK came to see Ulf Evenas shihan, a student of Morihiro Saito sensei. Ulf sensei had a brilliant, very didactic approach to this seminar. He tried to explain the essence of Takemusu Aikido to non-Iwama practitioners. He explained the connections between ken and taijutsu, demonstrated the principles of jo, and disclosed how rigid kihon practice can be transformed into fluid ki-no-nagare forms. People from various Aikido styles tried to do their best to understand and accept Ulf sensei's teachings. It wasn't easy, but they enjoyed the seminar after all.
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