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Aikikai Hombu Dojo
Aikikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters

Ibaraki Shibu Dojo (Aiki Shrine Dojo)
Dojo of Aikido Founder in Iwama

Hiroki Nemoto sensei's website
Hiroki Nemoto, is the head of our organisation

Tsukuba Shurenkai
Tsukuba Shurenkai is a Nemoto sensei's Aikido clubin Tsukuba, Japan

Friendly Dojos (sorted by the leader's rank):

Osaka Aikijuku
Dojo in Suita town lead by Hiroshi Suma, 7 dan Aikido Aikikai. Dojo where Raman Bekarevich was granted the first level of black belt

Blog of Hiroshi Suma sensei

Tsukuba Aikidokai
Dojo in Tsukuba-Mirai town lead by Yudai Suzuki, 6 dan Aikido Aikikai

Enshu Hamamatsu Aikikai
Dojo in Hamamatsu lead by Norihisa Hiromoto, 6 dan Aikido Aikikai. The first dojo of Raman Bekarevich

Tsukuba Gakuen Aikido School
Dojo in Tsukuba lead by Javad Musavi, 4 dan Aikido Aikikai

Dojo in Hamamatsu lead by Toshiaki Suzuki, 3 dan Aikido Aikikai

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